Fri, May 29, 2015


Our daughter and son-in-law purchased a used 35 foot, Class A motor home in Kamloops on May 26th, and we were driving it home to Cranbrook for them yesterday (27th).  We got about 55 kilometres east of Revelstoke when the engine started banging and clanging. (husband driving motor home; I was driving our car, behind him).  We called Good Same Roadside Service and, after much discussion to explain to them (they are in the USA) where we were; having to call 911, at their insistence, so we could provide Good Sam with the GPS Coordinates (which ended up being useless) and on and on and on.  Eventually, after speaking to the THIRD Good Sam person, we were advised a tow truck had been called.  I asked the name and phone number of the company and was given it.  I was so pleased to recognize it as a Golden phone number as Cranbrook (our home) is only 2.5 hours south.  I called and got a most pleasant woman (I'm sorry to say I didn't ask her name) who said the driver would be leaving shortly and be there in just over an hour (we were 98 kms from Golden).  She was super helpful as we hadn't eaten anything (it was around 10:30 a.m., Golden time) and wanted to go get something.  She said so long as we were back in an hour to go ahead.


We were super stressed because we agonized about whether to complete the sale or not and, in the end, decided to do it.  Now we were on the highway in the middle of nowhere not even 24 hours later!  We'd been up since 5 o'clock and were not only tired, stressed and hungry but feeling really bad for the news we'd had to give our kids.  (we are 69 and 70 years old)


Colin arrived about an hour or so later and boy, is he efficient!  We thought we'd be towed to Golden but our provider gave instructions to take the RV to Revelstoke.  We were SO disappointed to hear that.  Colin offered to call dispatch and see what he could do.  He hung up and let us know she was calling Good Sam to see if we could be towed to a shop in Golden.  Meantime he got busy hooking up the motor home - and what a ton of work that was!  It was super neat to watch him work - very safety conscious, along with his efficiency.  It's an old motor home (1988) and he had a heck of a time getting the driveshaft (?) off but he kept at it and off it came.  By this time he'd received a call from his office saying they were unable to get permission to tow us to Golden.  We were disappointed but didn't have any further choice - actually we did, but the cost would have been prohibitive.


Colin towed the motor home to the place in Revelstoke, where it is being looked at and we're waiting for a quote to fix it.


This is a MUCH longer explanation than I tried to put on but I thought since I had unlimited space, I might as well tell all of it.


Your staff certainly helped ease our stress levels and we appreciate them for that well as doing their job pleasantly and effeciently. If every you have anyone wanting to contact me for a recommendation - please give them my email. 


Thanks again.


{Reprinted with the permission of Sharone O'Brien (}