Every day tens of thousands of commercial vehicles utilize Canada's highways.  Inevitably, a small perentage of these units sustain mechanical failures or are involved in collisions that immobilize them and creates the need to get them to specific repair facilities.  UNITED has an extensive fleet of heavy-duty tow units that can provide one way tows from locations of a breakdown or collision to repair facilities or two way tows (swaps) where replacement vehicles are brought to the breakdown location to permit uninterrupted deliver of freight commodities.   


Many high value vehicles and those that may be critically damaged or disabled cannot be towed in conventional manners.  For these types of requirements, UNITED operates and utilizes various specialized assets that provide for effortless and damage free transportation of vehicle, specialty units and equipment.

Extreme recoveries require extreme equipment and UNITED has every possible piece of specialized equipment to handle the toughest jobs.  Whether a recovery is complicated by environmental factors, difficult terrain and surroundings or extra ordinary weights, no request for service will ever be declined or left uncompleted.  Our fleet of state-of-the-art recovery wreckers can facilitate the safe and effecient recovery of the largest units travelling today's highways.  The technology of these heavy-duty recovery units provides for quick clearance protocols during critical incidents reducing the extended delays associated with highway closures.


Every recovery scenario is uniquely different and can require a variety of specialized equipment and assets to effeciently and effectively meet the challenges to complete the required towing or recovery operations.  UNITED operates support units to enable and provide for any possible consequence.  These units respond to all critical incidents to ensure the highest level of professionalism through the availability of the specialized equipment or assets that are routinely utilized during operations.  


SAFETY is the most important aspect of every function that UNITED TOWING & RECOVERY SERVICES LTD. performs in its day to day operations. The safety of our customers, personnel and other users of the roadways we work on is paramount to the successful conclusion of each and every service delivery that we perform.  To ensure ultimate safety, we operate EMERGENCY RESPONSE SAFETY UNITS to provide for the highest level of scene safety and security.  These units routinely respond with our recovery technicians and recovery teams to all critical incident scenes where a variety of speed and other traffic safety control devices are deployed to establish and maintain safe work control zones. 


Commercial vehicles that experience mechanical failures or that are involved in collisions are often loaded with freight commodities that are being transported on behalf of their customers.  The interruptions that result from these unexpected events create delays in the deliver of cargo much of which is time sensitive.  UNITED TOWING & RECOVERY SERVICES LTD. can assist in situations were a replacement power unit or truck is unavailable to continue the delivery obligations and complete the delivery of the freight.  We can provide replacement power units to deliver a loaded trailer and also provide replacement trailers in which to reload cargo that may be required to be unloaded from damaged or disabled trailers.

             CARGO  HANDLING

Collisions and other critical incident events involving commercial vehicles almost always involves cargo or products that are being transported.  Some form of remediation of these commodities is often required in conjunction with the recovery of the vehicle(s) involved.  UNITED TOWING & RECOVERY SERVICES LTD. has the expertise and capability to facilitate any requirements associated to cargo handling including unloading and reloading, cleanup, disposal, stabilization of load shifts and final destination delivery.  


UNITED TOWING & RECOVERY SERVICES LTD. maintains Police approved secure storage facilities monitored by recorded video surveillance.  These facilities are available for any requirement associated to vehicle storage including for commercial vehicles, trailers and cargo subjected to delivery interruption as the result of unexpected breakdowns or accidents.  Storage facilities are located throughout or service area network and are available for short or long term requirements.